Saturday, July 20, 2013

Photos of BHS Class of '93 Reunion: Family Picnic & 5K, 2K and Kids' Race on Track

Looking forward to seeing you all tonight; we'll post more pictures here after the big event.

Family Picnic on the Creek (Friday night in Bountiful)

Alumni kiddos love the Bountiful B

Angie Blosch Swaney kicks off the event

Angie Blosch Swaney & Family, Chad Spence Reynolds & Family, Tom Shiner, Tiffany Ivins Spence & Family, Russ Mumford & Family

Mitch Spence, Russ Mumford, Chad Reynolds, Tom Shiner, Tiffany Ivins Spence

Chad Reynolds & Angie Blosch Swaney

Ben Anger & Family, Lyle VanOrman

Mike Thain, Bekka Covey, Roni Parker, Francisco Rodriguez

Jenny Gardner, Kayte Johnson, Tiffany Ivins, Jenny Thornell, Ben & Denise Anger, Angie Blosch, Lyle VanOrman

Heather Park Peck & Family

Mike Thain, Tammy Sellers & Family, Angie Blosch, Tiffany Ivins

Alumni kiddos on the BHS track

Mike Thain, Russ Mumford, Tom Shiner, Chad Reynolds

Tom Shiner, Russ Mumford, Mitch Ivins Spence

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