Thursday, July 18, 2013


Hi guys:
Just 2 more days til the reunion. We've had 272 people RSVP for all the different reunion gatherings. It's not too late for you to also join in the fun!

1. Fri: Picnic (FREE) (7-10pm) Escape the heat & sit on the grassy banks of Millcreek (10* cooler than city), jam to classic tunes with Pace's popsicles and lots of ice cold bottled water. Look for lots of red balloons and big BHS banner. (West of 507 Millcreek Way) Bring food, a blanket, and dress your kiddos (or yourself) in a swim suit to play in the creek and on the big huge tire swing.

2. Golf Game ($14) (7-9am) Meet Tyler Burningham at Bountiful Ridge course and work out your foursomes. More can join, just contact him: 540.250.2765

3. Sat. Fun Run (FREE) (9-11am) Meet at the BHS track and romp around your old stomping grounds. Look for balloons and big BHS banner. We'll have ice-water and Pace's Popsicles for everyone. Take a round on the track or 2K/5K courses in town.

4. Gala Event at Little America ($50) (6-10p)
Celebrate the memories and the good old days. We'll catch up, take lots of photos, hear a few updates on classmates. Registration and cocktails at 6pm. Alcohol is $5 and Soft Drinks are $3.50. Dinner and short program starting at 7pm. Only cash/checks accepted at the door.

If you have not taken the post high school survey, please take it here.


Here is a list of who is coming to Little America
Aaron & Andrea Wright (Roth)
Aaron Moon
Alicia Jensen
Amy Patterson (Smith)
Andrew Ord
Andrew Rees
Angie Swaney (Blosch)
April Rasmussen (Holzer)
Ben Anger
Bill Barlow
Brad Knowles
Branton Richter
Brent Chapman
Chad Spencer Reynolds
Charity Diven (Pierce)
Chris Christiansen
Chris Howey
Chris Rosquist
Christi McDougal (Gallacher)
Christy Posselli (Avis)
Cicily Henderson (Gubler)
Collin Anderson
Cory Beynon
Cory Lavoi
David Morris
Deridee Johnson
Elizabeth Mumford (Bertin)
Emily Farnworth (Pitkin)
Emily Pace (Marston)
Emily Tolton (Christensen)
Erica Hayes Reynolds
Francisco Rodriguez
Garth Black
Heather Noland (Smith)
Heather Paxman (Burningham)
Heather Peck (Park)
Heidi Coats (Johnson)
Jana Rogers (Stout)
Jayson Henderson
Jen Perry (Revels)
Jennifer Bott (Hansen)
Jennifer Thornell
Jeremy Larson
Jessica Beck (Carver)
John Bishop
John Stark
Jonathan Martin
Jonathan Plowman
Jordan DeMoux
Joseph Clay
Julie Steuart (Howard)
Karlyn Salazar (Hyde)
Kathy Barlow (Turner)
Kayte Crowther (Johnson)
Kelli Gamette (Kjar)
Laurel Shepherd (Starkweather)
Leslie Ostler
Mandi Henriod (Reed)
Marisa Bills (Benson)
Megan Jackson (Williams)
Melinda Smith (Howell)
Melissa Sanders (Rose)
Michelle Daly (Yoho)
Missy White (McDermott)
Misty Greer (Strand)
Peter Jeppson
Rebecca Hall (Dibb)
Rebecca Plaizier (Higgs)
Rebecca Mcnairy (Covey)
Rett Roberts
Richard and Allison Matern (Anderson)
Rick Holbrook
Rob Fox
Rob & Tiffany Fox (Stratton)
Roni Parker
Royd & Erin White (Healy)
Russ Mumford
Ryan Coats
Ryan Snow
Ryan Oakes
Shana Blackburn (Schick)
Shannon Dee (Buford)
Shelly Jenkins (Strange)
Shennon Mercer (Gibbons)
Susan Fisher (Strong)
Suzette Jackson (Stringham)
Tammy Martin (Sellers)
Tiffany Spence (Ivins)
Tiffany Sweeten (Francom)
Todd Wilson
Tom Shiner
Trevin Wallin
Tyler Burningham
Tyler Deters
Tyler Olson
Viki Bailey (Groberg) 

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